Jeannette Juston

Juston Association for interpreters and translators Inc.


Jeannette Juston is the Founder & President of the Juston Association for interpreters and translators Inc.  They provide resources such as health insurance, life coaching, counseling, legal representation, financial planning, and many other services to their members in order to ensure their welfare and stability. 

She has been a Professional Spanish Interpreter for over 35 years, working in the private sector and governmental entities.  She also has 15 years of experience starting & managing businesses in the garment industry, cleaning industry, and restaurant industry.

Jeannette has a Bachelor’s degree in Business, an Associates’s degree in Child Development with expertise in Observation and recording of behaviors, nutrition, and after-school programs. She also holds a Specialized High School Certificate in Biology & Chemistry. She is the proud mother of 2 adult children.

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