Mariette Martinez

Small Business Advisor& Public Educator


Mariette designs and delivers educational content that accelerates the financial growth and awareness for microbusinesses, self-employed/solopreneurs, and the small business partners that serve them. She provides learning opportunities for her community designed to deep dive into specific small business financial topics and technologies. Her current passion project,, is a co-founded Bilingual E-Learning Platform that will bridge the financial literacy gap for English and Spanish- Speaking small business owners.

Mariette is a Financial/Tax Accountant, IRS Enrolled Agent and Intuit Trainer/Writer Network member who has worked in the accounting, tax, and technology industries for over 2 decades. This blend of experience allows for her to create content and spread awareness for her Entrepreneurial community around the importance of financial literacy, year-round tax compliance, and embracing technology to work more effectively. Her content is delivered with the intent to connect entrepreneurs and their financial professionals so they may grow together towards sustainable financial success.

“I became an accountant because I did not want any other business to be left behind due to lack of financial awareness and education. I believe every small business should have a fighting chance to reach financial happiness!”

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