About Our Organization

Story About Us
Where it all began

About the NLBWA-IE

The National Latina Business Women Association Inland Empire Institute (NLBWA-IE) is a regional 501 (c)(3) nonprofit organization with the purpose of strengthening the success of Latina Entrepreneurs in the Inland Southern California region by offering capacity building, technical assistance, and mentoring services to Latina business owners and professionals.

Education & Training

Enhancing Latinas’ entrepreneurial education and training through capacity building and technical assistance programs taught by industry leaders and university instructors.

Networking Events

Organizing social networking events for community leaders, sponsors, partners, and members to stimulate business development and education for Latina Business Owners.

Focused Support

Amplifying the voice of Latinas in Business (LoBs) by conducting research-driven studies that enable their prosperity in underserved communities in the Inland Empire region.

Our Values

The NLBWA-IE Institute provides professional development that is designed for local businesswomen who are interested in taking their businesses to the next level. Its mission is to enhance the culture, contribution and profitability of local businesses by creating an environment of success through mentoring, education, training and networking.


Advocate for the community of women of color and minority-owned businesses through collaborative programs that provide resources and information that support their success.


Align small business vendors, sponsors, partners, and members to signature programs and contracting opportunities sourced locally.


Improving the lives of women of color and their families, and also helping strengthen our business and community capacity in the Inland Empire.


Where the money goes

Thanks to the support and contributions from our sponsors, partners, members, and supporters, our organization has been able to fulfill its mission: To empower Latinas in the Inland Empire to develop their business and professional goals through education and collaboration. The total funds received, including sponsorships and donations,  are being  allocated in the following ways:

Find out more about how NLBWA Inland Empire works hard to ensure that your donations are delivered directly to those that need them most.

History About Us

2015: Established by a group of Latina entrepreneurs and corporate professionals servicing the IE region who realized their own need for mentors and educational programs to scale their businesses and careers.

October 2019: Launched the 1st research study to examine Latina-Owned Business in the Inland Empire “Breaking Barriers From Start-up to Success” in collaboration with UCR.

July 2021: Launched the 2nd research study to examine Latina-Owned Businesses in the Inland Empire following the global COVID-19 Pandemic “Impacts of COVID-19 on Latina Businesses in Inland Southern California”

August 2021: Launched “Business Management & Leadership Academy / UCR Micro MBA” in collaboration with UC Riverside Extension.

October 2021: Launched the “Latina BizMatch”  program for certified small businesses to connect with corporate, government, and public utility buyers for potential contracting opportunities at the Latina Bizcon™.

Want to get involved?

You can help build an equitable ecosystem of strong, independent women by getting involved in an association of Latina-owned businesses.


By donating, you will become a partner to empower more Latina businesswomen.


Support our cause to provide scholarships and resources for Latina businesswomen.


Grow a professional network of Latina businesswomen, attend networking events, business workshops, and seminars.