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Why Become a NLBWA-IE Sponsor

We invite you to make a difference in the Small Business Community in the Inland Empire. Sponsors play a vital role in lifting local Latina Business Owners by supporting our efforts to provide capacity-building programs, technical assistance services, exposure, business matchmaking opportunities, and resources.


Connect and build meaningful relationships with the local Latinx Entrepreneurs in the Inland Empire.

Business Matchmaking

Get access to our Procurement/Business Matchmaking Program and software.


Receive our exclusive NLBWA-Inland Empire Corporate Membership where you …

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Where the money goes

Thanks to the support and contributions from our sponsors, partners, members, and supporters, our organization has been able to fulfill its mission: To empower Latinas in the Inland Empire to develop their business and professional goals through education and collaboration. The total funds received, including sponsorships and donations,  are being  allocated in the following ways:

Find out more about how NLBWA Inland Empire works hard to ensure that your donations are delivered directly to those that need them most.

Want to get involved?

You can help build an equitable ecosystem of strong, independent women by getting involved in an association of Latina-owned businesses.


By donating, you will become a partner to empower more Latina businesswomen.


Support our cause to provide scholarships and resources for Latina businesswomen.


Grow a professional network of Latina businesswomen, attend networking events, business workshops, and seminars.