Our Community Partners

Let's Align Our Vision and Mission Together


The NLBWA-IE organization aims to collaborate and strategize with like-minded organizations that align with our vision and mission. Our partners help us strategize and showcase our organization’s core values to new audiences. Sharing our collective outcomes with partners can demonstrate the value of our partnership and encourage us to promote it to their employees and networks. Partners can also help us solidify our position in our niche and remain consistent with messaging that resonates with our supporters by establishing measurable metrics to assess the effectiveness of our efforts and areas for improvement or adjustment to achieve our goals. Historically our partners supported us to push the boundaries of possibility that define what we want to accomplish and keep mutually beneficial goals front and center.



Offers cross-promotions to its partners, which includes showcasing them on its website, social media channels, and community communications. This provides a chance to improve your co-branded initiatives.


As your partnership with NLBWA-IE develops, you’ll find more chances to enhance each other’s services and expand your joint offerings. This includes forming strategic alliances to broaden the range of services available.


Take advantage of the capabilities and strong reputation of NLBWA-IE, a small business development organization that supports Latina and Women of Color entrepreneurs, to benefit your own organization.

Community Partners

Want to get involved?

To become a NLBWA-IE partner please contact Maria Molina Solano, Executive Director, NLBWA-IE.


By donating, you will become a partner to empower more Latina businesswomen.


Support our cause to provide scholarships and resources for Latina businesswomen.


Grow a professional network of Latina businesswomen, attend networking events, business workshops, and seminars.