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Give a business entrepreneur the opportunity to attend the 2022 Latina BizCon ™ and the benefits of being a member for a year.
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Goal : $1,500.00
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About the sponsorship

Allow a business entrepreneur to attend the Latina BizCon ™ and the benefits of being a member for a year!

The conference and membership will give entrepreneurs and business owners critical tools to start and/or expand their business including educational seminars, certification training, business matchmaking opportunities, business awareness efforts, empowerment, and key networking opportunities. Our goal is to reach $1,500 to offer 10 complimentary tickets to entrepreneurs who need financial support.

Entrepreneurs who attend Latina BizCon™ increase their confidence, obtain resources and create life lasting relationships that help them grow their business. As an NLBWA-IE member, they have access to a strong community of leaders and fellow entrepreneurs.


Entrepreneurs Helped


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The conference began in 2017 with 75 attendees, and increased in attendance through the years, reaching 250 attendees in 2019. In 2020, due to the global disruptions, we presented the first virtual conference, reaching audiences all over Southern California. In 2021, once again, we innovated and offered a hybrid event, welcoming both in-person and online attendees, and bringing local and national trainers.

  • A safe and accessible environment for minority business owners to connect with industry experts, corporate representatives and fellow business owners.
  • Marketing Exposure for local businesses
  • Increase the number of small businesses with a women-owned and/or small business certification.
  • Increment the number of thriving small businesses owned by Latinas in the Inland Empire
  • Motivation that provides entrepreneurs the strength necessary to make impactful changes in the community and face the ever evolving challenges of our times.

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About the NLBWA Inland Empire

The National Latina Business Women Association Inland Empire Institute (NLBWA-IE) is a regional 501 (c)(3) nonprofit organization with the purpose of strengthening the success of Latina Entrepreneurs in the Inland Southern California region by educating, promoting, developing, and supporting the rapid growth of Latina business owners and professionals.


What is NLBWA-IE?

–We are a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting Latina entrepreneurs and professionals in the Inland Empire. We share their dreams and work along their side to impact our families and our communities.

How do you make sure my donations to NLBWA-IE are spent wisely?

–We spend the maximum amount possible towards programs and training that benefit those we aim to serve. We regularly evaluate the efficiency of our processes to increase the effectiveness of each dollar we receive. 

How do you know which entrepreneurs need help?

–Business entrepreneurs who are in need, are encouraged to apply for scholarships to attend any of our programs. The scholarship application process assesses the financial need and the commitment of the candidates.

Is my donation tax-deductible?

– If you’re in the U.S., yes, you can.

Where does my money actually go?

–75% of all the funds entrusted to our organization are spent on programs and capacity-building training.

How do you choose which entrepreneur to support?

– Scholarship recipients are interviewed ahead of time to determine their current financial need and their commitment towards their education, their business, and the community.

What percentage of my donation goes towards programs?

– 100% of individual donations are allocated towards programs and training that benefit those we aim to serve.

What’s your goal?

– To be the leading business resource for professional development for Latina entrepreneurs, executives, professionals, and students in the Inland Empire.


August 15, 2020

July 22, 2020