Emerging Latina Entrepreneurial & Leadership Program

8-Week Certification Program
PartnersNPHS, Ampac, SBA & SBDC
Lenght8 Week Program
RequirementLess than 3 Years in Business

About Program

The Emerging Latina Program seeks to enable and empower new small business owners – especially minority women in the Inland Empire – with the skills, knowledge, and support necessary to build and maintain a thriving business. The program is offered in both English and Spanish. It consists of 8 weeks, 2-hour sessions per week, which includes some time for networking. Attendees will receive handouts, pre-work, and other valuable tools to practice what they learn during each session. At the end of the program, participants will have the opportunity to present their business plan to the group and get feedback from other business experts. In addition, attendees will be invited to be part of a Facebook group, with other previous program participants, where they can connect, inform and inspire each other on their entrepreneurial journey!


Who does this program serve?

  • Entrepreneurs, especially minority women in the Inland Empire, who have been in business for at least 3 years and are interested in growing their businesses at a large scale
  • Existing business owners seeking community, education, and mentorship

Participants will acquire:

Fundamental business tools and templates for a startup or young business, a vibrant community they can trust and relate to, and an invaluable support team of experienced, trustworthy mentors and entrepreneurs who are passionate and committed to their success. They will acquire:

  • One page Business Plan
  • Accounting templates
  • Access to a coach who can assist with the development of a business plan, from start-finish
  • Long lasting relationships with entrepreneurs and subject matter experts
  • NLBWA-IE certificate of completion

Participants will gain knowledge on how to:

Assess the entrepreneurial journey and ensure it is the right path to follow at this time in their lives. Participants will also learn the fundamental pillars to start and grow a prosperous business, with the foundation necessary to expand their business exponentially in the future. They will gain knowledge on how to: 

  • Evaluate if being a business owner is the right fit
  • Legally start a business and complete market research
  • Develop a full business plan
  • Market their business utilizing contemporary tools, with little investment
  • Manage Cash Flow
  • Evaluate and select the best business formation
  • Awake and develop their inner business leader
  • Connect with trustworthy lenders
  • How to become bankable