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Martha is, first and foremost, a mother of 2 amazing young men. Michael, 21, and Isaac, 18. She works hard to not only provide but be a leading example for her boys. Being the eldest of 5 sisters, naturally, Martha developed a very nurturing personality, always coming from contribution and encouragement in everything she does.

She started in the medical field, where she found great satisfaction in helping the Hispanic community by translating during office visits. Martha recognized the need for the Hispanic community to understand their healthcare better and played an instrumental role in introducing Spanish printed materials to several locations. Martha moved from the medical field into the real estate industry 14 years ago. During that time, her husband Carlos found himself with a fantastic opportunity to take over the machine shop where he was employed. He, however, knew nothing of the administrative side of the business. Martha quickly stepped in, and together they built the business to triple the size in just ten years. She runs the company, handling payroll, licensing, financials, and marketing. One of her most significant accomplishments is this year, she and her husband went from tenants to owners of their new location!

At this time, Martha invested capital from her thriving real estate business, making her majority owner and putting I- CAM Industries on the map as a WOMAN-owned business!

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Company : I-CAM Machining and Robles Realty Group Inc.
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