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Meet Ms. Sonia Arenas.  Sonia was born and raised in the Inland Empire.  She was born into a family of entrepreneurs. Her father had a passion for cars and owned 7 auto body shops. She learned at a young age what it meant to own and operate a small business. Her parents were both involved in the Inland Empire and were very involved with the community and its officials. Her experience and development came from watching both parents experience the highs and lows of running a small business. Their family also had investments as well as owned a property management company. “I’ve had the pleasure of having an elective background,” Sonia describes. In my earlier years, my passion has always been sales and marketing. I eventually owned my own e-commerce business specializing in signed sports memorabilia. I later had the opportunity to work in the media industry with radio and magazines. In the end, working with small businesses and helping them realize their dreams bring her great joy. “I can relate to them and understand where their pain point lie, every dollar counts and so does every customer.”

Sonia is a Senior Market Manager working in the payments group for US Bank for the past 3 years. Her role is to advise, and she has excelled in her field. In 2019, Sonia earned The Legends of Possible Award at US Bank. This award is the most precious and coveted amongst her peers. Sonia currently resides in Redlands, CA, and has two beautiful children, Marissa & Nathan. Both children are in college in So Cal. In Sonia’s spare time she enjoys traveling, spending time with her children, and giving back to the community. Sonia is a very active supporter when it comes to women and women in business. 

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